Free Bitcoin, Scam or Reality?

Free Bitcoin, Scam or Reality?

Free to gain a worthwhile thing is always attractive to people and attracts the attention of ordinary people. Now sites claim that Bitcoin, which each unit, worth over $ 8,000 worth of writing this article, donates to its users for free. In this article, we will review free bitcoin sites.

Free Bitcoin Websites

There are many sites that give users a bit of bitcoin for what they do. For example, there are a lot of publicity and advertising sites that you receive banners from the site of the site and you will receive a bonus on your site and you will receive a bonus for the number of clips on the banner. This seems logical because you are rewarded for the activity you are doing. But we do not mean these sites.

In this article, we will look at sites that claim that they will donate bitcoin to you without having to perform the activity and just by registering on the site and clicking on a button. These sites are called Bitcoin Faucet.

What is a bitcoin faucet and how does it work?

Bitcoin Faucet is a digital currency exchange provider system for free and based on luck. How these sites work is that after you register on the site, you click on a button and get a small amount of bitcoin out of the odds and numbers that are displayed. At Bitcoin Faucets, you can try your luck every hour.

Introducing Free Bitcoin Sites

  • Freebitco.inThe most famous and most sought after bitcoin faucet. In this faucet you can try your luck every hour.
  • TakeFreeBitcoin.comYou can try your luck every 5 minutes, but naturally, you get a much less bonus every 5 minutes.
  • : At this site you can try your luck every 15 minutes.
  • FreeBitcoin.winIn addition to Bitcoin, you can also try out a chance for other Crypto-currencies like Ethereum and Doge Coin.
Can you earn money on bitcoin faucets?

No way! These sites are designed to give you very little chance of getting big money and maybe if you spend 10 days on these sites, you earn $1. Faucets, with very high hits and ad insertion, bring a lot of revenue for their owners, and users are somehow playing the role of a free earning tool.



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