Comprehensive Monero Mining Guide, Introduction to Monero miners

Comprehensive Monero Mining Guide, Introduction to Monero miners

Monroe (XMR) is a cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNite algorithm based on Ring Signatures. The ring link allows Monroe to create significant privacy when doing a transaction. Monero uses Proof of Work to produce a new coin. Monroe can be extracted using the processing power of GPUs and CPUs.

Monero mining can be done with home systems, but you should not expect to be profitable. So for Monero’s extraction, you need to use relatively powerful hardware and systems. These days, using graphics cards is a better way than the processor. In the process of mining with the graphics card, the speed is increased and costs are greatly reduced.

In general, Monero’s cost-effective mining process is as follows:

  1. Providing a powerful hardware system or mining rig
  2. Create monero wallets to withdraw mined moneros
  3. Start mining by running the required software and joining the mining pool

Monero Mining rig and installing the mining software

Extracting is possible with home computer systems, but it is not at all cost effective. Monroe extraction is possible with CPU and GPU or graphic cards.

Mining with the CPU is almost outdated, and today miners are more likely to use graphics cards to mine Ethereum, Lightweight, and, of course, Monero. So, we’ve also provided graphic minning training for you.

To mine Monroe cost-effectivelty, you should have a graphics card miner. Rig means a pack of hardware. The graphics card is actually the same as a home computer case but with a high graphics card.

monero mining rig

You can buy extracted pebbles in the ready form or collect and assemble parts yourself.

In general, a mining rig includes the following parts:

1. Powerful graphics cards

The main part of the Rig extraction is its graphics card. You need a powerful graphics card to extract Monroe. AMD graphics are better than Nvidia graphics.

Amd Readon Rx series, is currently the best graphics card model for extraction. The RX580 and RX480 are good graphics cards for this model. You can use a variety of graphics cards, but you need to get some powerful graphics cards instead of buying a lot of low-end graphics cards. Also, note that all your graphics cards are branded. For example, choose either amd or all nvidia.

By searching for any graphics card on the Internet, you can get its hash, and then extract its approximate profit by entering it into the Cryptocompare site’s calculator.

Note: The hash of any graphics card varies in different algorithms. Monroe is extracted from the CryptoNight algorithm, which is a subset of CryptoNote. For example, the RX580 graphics card has a Hewlett-HHR 600H / S Monroe’s algorithm and has an output power of about 23Mh / s in the etherium algorithm. Be careful not to make mistakes in calculating profits.

Also, by visiting the NiceHash site and the profitability-calculator section, you can get your approximate profit by selecting any hardware.

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2. Chassis

The chassis is a tool for mounting pieces of monero mining rig on it. You can make a chassis ready or you can build it yourself. The chassis should be such that the parts, especially the graphics, do not screw in well on it and are not unbalanced.

3. Powerful power supply

Take this section very seriously to prevent damage. For home systems, a power supply of 300-500 watts is sufficient. But for some graphics cards, you need power or powerful power. For example, for six powerful graphics, a 1200W wakeup is required in the PlusGold version. Be sensitive to picking up pigeons when picking up pegs and consult expert staff.

4. RAM

Extraction does not require much RAM. A 4GB DDR3 RAM is enough. If you want to do more than extract from your system, you can get a 8GB RAM.

5. CPU

For extraction with graphics cards, the CPU is not very powerful. An average CPU is connected to your motherboard.

6. SSD drive

You need a memory to install the operating system and run extraction software. A 120GB SSD drive is enough for you.

7. Cables needed

For the various connections in the rocks, you need suitable cables that are plentiful on the market. PCI Express USB cables are required to connect between graphics and motherboard.

8. motherboard

And finally, you’ll need an appropriate motherboard for connecting parts. To connect multiple graphics cards, you must use the motherboard with the appropriate PCI Express slots. The Asus 170-A motherboard is one of the good models for this.

9. Internet Adsl + Modem

Extracting to the Internet does not require too much, but it’s important to be stable and uncertain. The best type of Internet to extract Adsl Internet is that, if you have a fixed telephone line, you can activate your Adsl service via private telecommunications or private companies. Internet speed is 2 to 4 megabytes for extraction.

You need a modem to connect to Adsl. A simple and durable modem is enough. With an Ethernet cable you can connect your modem to a motherboard motherboard. Note that the modem should be minimized as much as possible, since it makes the finalization of the extraction process difficult.

Mining monero does not consume a lot of volumes. According to a query from several user-aware users on the Bitcoin Tuck site, there is a grid of eight graphics cards with up to 4 GB of Internet usage per month.

Assembly of parts

Now you have to mount the components on the motherboard and the chassis. This is pretty simple, but it’s suggested that you do this with an expert. There are many videos on YouTube that you can take advantage of. Just search the term “monero mining rig assembly” on YouTube.

Install the mining software and drivers

You can use Windows, Mac, and Link to run extraction software. We recommend installing Windows 10. Because you do not have a DVD driver, you need to install Windows using a flash drive. Put Windows on the arrows with ISO software. Connect your system to power and a monitor and turn it on. You can install Windows using the USB boot. Install the drivers required for the graphics card as well as the network card on Windows.

After you’ve got the rig and installed the operating system, now you have to build a Monero Wallet so you can get the mined monroe.

Making Monero Wallet

The process of making a wallet and getting its address is very simple and with a few clicks. There are currently two original and approved Wallet for Monroe and you can use whatever you want.

Monroe Web Wallet

MyMonero The only wallet on the Web is the digital currency created and administered by Richard Spagneli. Spagna itself is the main developer of Monroe.

This wallet also works like similar ones and you can access your account by creating an account. MyMonero will only save them by encrypting your keys and will not have access to your accounts.

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Join a monero mining pool and start mining

After getting the Monroe system and wallet, the most important part of the training is getting started. To extract Monroe or any other currency, you must join an extra pool. The mining pool is a virtual site where collectors gather and all work to extract a block. In this way, each miner or extractor is based on its processing power.

Without joining a swimming pool, your luck will be very low for a mine, and only large extraction farms work independently.

There are plenty of extraction pools for Monroe that you can see for all of them.

Best Monroe Extraction Pools

Two MinerGate and SupportXRM extraction pools are currently the best and most used Monroe extraction pools. The first one has a bit more work, but its simple interface makes it easy to get started with a few extra clicks. The latter is less costly and more professional, but the connection method is a bit difficult for beginners.

Extraction with MinerGate

This extraction pool has a special program for joining miners. This software allows you to extract a wide range of digital currencies with just a few simple clicks. The pool has about 1% of the cost.

Step One: The first step is to create an account at MinerGate has a special wallet for people who have not yet made a purse for themselves. Remember that there is no better place than your own wallet to save your money.

Best Monero Mining Pool

Step Two: Here you need to download the “Magic” software. The website will be able to detect your operating system type and give you the corresponding version for download.

Mining monero with minergate

Step Three: After installing the program, the smart extraction option is offered to you by the program. By choosing this option, Minergate will choose the best possible currency for you, considering hardware, hardware, market prices and hard-to-find extraction. For most systems, this currency will be Monroe, so click on the Start Smart mining option.

Minergate mining software

Depending on the number of graphics and CPU cores, the software allows you to select the number of cores you use. You can manually change it to Monroe if you have proposed another smart Mining. Was it simple? Mingrate also boasts of this feature. You can also use GUI to mine other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Classic Ethereum.

Some important notes
  • Never laptop: As you said, with home computers, though, it’s not profitable to extract Monroe, but with the laptop, never do it. Laptop hardware is much weaker compared to computer cases and extraction can impose irreparable damage to them.
  • Device temperature: Graphics cards produce a lot of temperature, so be sure to do the extraction in a cool room with the right fan. Check the temperature of your device every few minutes or use temperature sensor devices.
  • Power consumed: The power consumption of the graphics cards is very high, so some of the extracted profits will be spent on electricity. It’s best to do this with industrial and three-phase power.



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