Free Bitcoin 5 effective ways to earn

Free Bitcoin Scam or Reality?

Free Bitcoin 5 effective ways to earn

These days by increasing the popularity of bitcoin everyone is looking for a quick way to earn a large amount of bitcoin without having to buy bitcoin or mine bitcoin or even cloud mining. There are several ways to make free bitcoin but in the end, it took your time and money and if the methods were real, those free bitcoins is not be worth the time you spent on them.

How to get free bitcoin online?

There is no way to earn bitcoin without putting effort or spending money. There is no shortcut. Exactly like other currencies such as dollar or euro, there is no quick and risk free way to earn such a great money from bitcoin. You have to invest your time or money to earn money.

Let’s talk about few ways that you can earn free bitcoin.

  1. Faucets-PTC-Micro jobs: One of the easiest ways of earning free bitcoins is Bitcoin faucets. In this way you can visit a site every few minutes in order to claim your bitcoin and it’s very small. Faucets are kind of PTC websites in which you get paid by clicking on the ads. Those websites earn from their ads and put a very small share of it for you. For example if you work 10 hours a day on a website you will be paid around $2 more or less. Does it cover your electricity at all?
  2. Owning a faucet or a PTC website: Owning a website that you can have your own faucet or PTC may bring you magical income. You can build a cryptocurrency website and put a bitcoin faucet for users and selling ads on your page. But build a faucet website needs a lot of time and effort. You have to set up a new website, manage your users and of course some initial investors to put ads on it.
  3. The signature campaign: Around 2014, there was a leading forum in cryptocurrency world called Bitcoin Talk. In that forum, if u have a membership you can get paid thorough your signing to advertise. But you need membership from that forum. As your level of membership goes up, the signature you put become more valuable. You can start your membership by writing at least 120 articles. There are also limitation on posts and minimum post requirement per week. You can make around $5 an hour depending on how much you write and what your membership level is.
  4. Bitcoin affiliate program: One of the most popular way to earn bitcoin is affiliate programs. Affiliates are people who promote online businesses freely but receive a commission from that website if the customer place an order. Many online businesses in cryptocurrencies like exchanges, cloud mining services, faucets and many others use this type of marketing strategy to develop their business. With this program, you sign up on that website and get your affiliate link in order to promote their services. While your target customer placed its order you get your commission. One of the obvious ways is to share your link in social media such as twitter or facebook. Even you can run a website in promote your links.
  5. Bitcoin Writer: If you have a good writing skill then you can become a crypto article writer. As the industry grows, more and more websites are popping up, so these websites are in need for writers because to become on top of the Google search they are publishing dozens of articles every day. You can sign up in Upwork ( and international freelance marketplace) and be sure that there are websites who are looking for a good writer. So try to gather some sample work before applying because websites would actually ask for your previous work.



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