If Bitcoin is a digital gold, then ethereum will be digital silicon

If Bitcoin is a digital gold, then ethereum will be digital silicon

In 2017, Ethereum for the first time managed to achieve a $417 price record, which caused a major leap in reaching the world to complete the blockchainx. What will this effect in the future of Ethereum?

Despite the scams of many ICOs, a major revolution in digital currency is taking place, and everyone wants to be part of this revolution. Many people are moving towards digitalization and decentralization, and among them banks and governments can not resist them.

If we saw Bitcoin’s status as a digital gold in 2017, we would not be afraid to see the day we applaud the smart contract platforms such as ethereum blockchain.

Recent evaluations of Ethereum’s growth indicate an increase in its market value to $ 40 billion. It’s interesting to note that the value of the Ethereum market is just as large as a capital market, in fact, the value of the Ethereum market is higher than the sum of the 7 most traded currencies of the digital currency market, except for bitcoin and bitcoin cash. In addition, Ethereum is a pioneer in the number of transactions, and this issue is very important.

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Ethereum is the silver of digital currencies

At the moment, ethereum might be a silver digital currency, but the stability of this currency equates it with an element of silicon, which is why it can not be considered as a ponzy or a bubble. Ethereum is the mother of ICOs and does not look like Bitcoin. This currency has been born out of the ashes of large economic recessions and has been banned from using in several countries.

In fact, Ethereum is a symbol of the new order in the world of digital currencies. If you want to describe some digital currencies in a few words, you can use the following definitions for the top 25 titles.

The blockchain can be the next silicon of the Internet

Among these currencies, Ethereum and Neo appear to be much more attractive than other currencies, as they are representatives of the Blockchain platform that integrate intelligent contracts with artificial intelligence and can transform themselves into a standard for different industries by increasing the speed of transactions. In addition, they can go beyond the encrypted nature of the reach of the soul of the Blockchain to a new model of a transparent, decentralized and free human society.

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It is a dream that is not only popular in the generation of the millennium, and generations G (born in the 70s and 80s / 90s and 2000s) and alpha generations (90s / In the future, growing and growing, they are increasingly interacting smartly. If the Millennials are phone-centric and always on the Internet, they will recognize the G-generation’s native media and alpha generation as artificial intelligence.

Currently, some advanced countries such as Estonia, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, Russia, China, and … are planning to put up their country’s currency before the 2020 on the blockchain. This, of course, does not mean decentralizing the currency of these countries. In fact, this suggests that cryptographic currencies are moving in their original direction and can be beneficial for businesses and governments, in addition to creating a space for investors to profit. Therefore, Ethereum will have the most chance of becoming the most convincing and immersive thing in the future of all encrypted currencies.

The Ethereum market is steadily increasing, and observing the scale of its growth can be seen in the ability of the currency to become an unprecedented thing.

Total Market Capitalization

If 2008 is known as a major recession, then what should the name of 2017 be? As US presidents turn into forgotten positions, Blockchain is the only significant part of its childhood that includes integration with artificial intelligence and the revolution of transparency systems to increase trust in individuals at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Although altcoins are not always reliable, and even many ICOs are fake, but in a world where there is no trust in unchanging governments and corporate growth and collapse is limited to short-term benefits, Blockchain is a trusted platform.

Even though many companies have become a blockchain service provider, Ethereum remains an attractive option for companies looking for secure transactions. More recently, the creator of Ethereum, Vitalic Buterin, has spoken about his three-to-four-year road map for Ethereum.

When one of the leaders in the world of blockchain is only 23 years old, it creates a sensation that reveals uncertain horizons that may occur in the future. As soon as the problem of scalability of Ethereum is resolved, it will probably turn it into a key to the blockchain platform for the future, and it can overtake Ethereum from its Chinese equivalent of the Neo (NEO).

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Blockchain can solve the problem of our mistrust as a whole, and as the problem of reducing youth inequality goes down, now and with the onset of the challenge of automation in the next two decades and the rapid technological change, there is a need to solve the problem more than ever.

If the reputation of Bitcoin for the X generation (born after the Second World War, the 60’s to 80’s), the regulators and the police have a dark face and recognize it as a means of secretly exchanging money in the dark web, ethereum It is in a completely different position, and it is very likely to have a different destiny in anticipation.


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