What is Tron?

What is Tron?

If you are part of the followers of the world of digital currency news, you probably heard the name Throne repeatedly. But what is Thorne and what’s the difference with other digital currencies?

Tron: A different blockchain platform

Tron is a blockchain platform that builds the infrastructure of a decentralized ecosystem. Tron was created by Justin Sun. His first app, Peiwo, was launched on this network. Peiwo is a paid chat application.Tron seeks to expand the market for a variety of decentralized digital content software, and wants to make software development easier. To use the blockchain, Tron should use the special token displayed with the TRX symbol.

One of the obstacles to the expansion of blockchain’s technology is the difficulty of learning to work with it for developers and programmers. Tron aims to simplify this process, making it easier to deregulate existing platforms and create distributed software.

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Tron’s network performance is similar to that of other content networks. Content creators will generate content types and distribute it on the network, and consumers will also buy this content. Other softwares can also take advantage of these benefits. The value of the Tron Digital Currency (TRX) also largely depends on the execution of codes within the Tron network.

Tron for peer to peer media content

Tron is one of the efforts that has been made in recent years to provide the peer-to-peer nature of modern computer networks to empower content producers. Tron allows content creators to directly access their customers and distribute their content. YouTube, iTunes, and other distributed networks have advantages, but at the same time their centralized nature does not allow content creators to have much power. For this reason, many content creators are looking for alternative ways.

Tron for peer to peer media content

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Many decentralized applications are designed to be executed on the Tron network, which can use a direct and peer structure to its network counterpart. In this way, the need for the intermediary will be lost. Gifto is one of these software, a highly successful and influential social networking network in Asia.

Providing entertaining content as well as message transfer are both very attractive for the industry. Experts estimate the market for the content transfer industry (like all kinds of messaging software) will reach $ 30 billion in 2022. The value of the entertainment industry will also exceed $ 2 trillion in that year.

Extensive support from Tron

Justin San was in the process of setting up Tron as the official representative of Ripley in China. Her job position has brought her a powerful backing for her.

Jihan Wu is the first powerful sponsor of Tron. He has a history of participation in the founding of Bitmine Co. (active in the field of manufacturing Bitcoin mining equipment and digital currencies).

Woo was not the only big name for the sponsors of the Tron project. Dai Wei is one of the world’s leading transport managers who has invested in the Thoron project. Also, Yang Linke, the founder of the BTCC.com system, as well as Yin Minshan, a well-known businessman, are among the supporters of Tron.

Tron attracted $70 million for 100 billion tokens. Tron token could effortlessly reach the value of a cent in the early days. However, after a while, it grew well and reached 20 cents during its peak days. Tron’s prediction is one of the cool topics on the Reddit website. Many believe that, given the volume of the Tron market, its value will exceed 50 cents, and its market value will approach $ 50 billion.

Tron and the Fourth Generation Web

Serious developments on the Internet have always been due to the way content was transmitted (information) or payment methods. The first generation web did not have much in the way. In the second generation of the Web, we saw the delivery of secure payment methods and low cost advertising. The third generation of the Web also saw the creation of focused mechanisms for content transfer, for example, the emergence of Facebook and YouTube. But digital currencies can transform this position. By creating decentralized platforms (such as Tron), content creators will actually have it, and intermediaries will also be rewarded to help convey content.

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Another development in the fourth-generation Web is the use of the blockchain in the absence of centralized servers. Although the content transfer can be completely decentralized, the cost of this transfer can be reduced and the need for the intermediary to be minimized. Thoron is an instrument that seeks for this vision. Thoron wants to advance us from the world of centralized content transferring to a decentralized network.

Tron at a glance
  • Tron wants to provide a decentralized process for conveying content and provide content control to its creators.
  • Tron has great names in China, including Jihun Wu.
  • Tron speeds up the development of decentralized software development on blockchain’s platform.
  • To run the code on the TRON network, you need TRX.
  • Tron has already had several decentralized applications on its network.
  • Some believe that the price of Tron will be up to 50 cents in the future.


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